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Our Panel

Skilled Team of Licensed Counselors

At Nak Union Behavioral Health, there is a capable team of counseling specialists who swear by developing an ambiance for change and progress. Together, we have a mixture of therapists, nurse practitioners and psychiatrists several of whom are known and renowned in their areas of proficiency. The skilled specialists have knowledge working with countless challenges such as individuals with substance abuse and co-occurring issues such as Attentiveness Scarcity Overactive Disorder, behavioral issues, Bipolar condition and Anxiety Disorders. These issues are not just confined to the individual but also extend to entire families at times. Consequently, we help families that deal with similar issues from children, adolescents and adults.



We serve Children, Men and Women that are 18 years old and up. Our communities welcome individuals from all walks of life, all races and religions. It is important to understand that there is no such thing called “typical” client as we cater to various individual cases.

The experience of each of our clients at Nak Union Behavioral Health is shaped by our mission, vision and values statement.


Nak Union Behavioral Health inspires people struggling with mental health as well as addiction abuse dependency.


Our mission is to provide short and long term treatment to our clients for wellness and highest clinical services to promote emotional and relational potential.